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ModCloth and Bonobos fans freaked when Walmart bought them. Now theyre Walmart shoppers  Quartzy

But it’s not just the professional photos that convey size-inclusiveness. Bindrim pointed out that the photos submitted by the regular people who’ve already purchased the item are also immensely helpful. To keep those customer images coming, ModCloth must maintain its community, which Bindrim worries ModCloth could still lose organically over time. It’s not easy to measure community sentiment around a brand, but Tribe Dynamics offers some insight. The firm, which has worked for companies such as the luxury powerhouse LVMH, identifies and tracks influencers leading conversations around brands online, whether or not they have a large following. The number of influencers Tribe tracks who were talking about ModCloth went up and down a bit after Walmart bought it, the firm says, but since the third quarter last year, there has been “a steady decrease” in this group. But even if there are fewer influencers talking about ModCloth, what they’re saying is carrying more sway, according to Tribe’s analysis. Using a measure it calls “earned media value” that translates word-of-mouth publicity into a dollar value, Tribe says that Modcloth’s influence actually up this quarter, compared to the same time last year. Whatever customers feel, there are some benefits to being part of a company Walmart’s size. Both Nieves and Dunn point to the way Walmart has helped their companies with IT infrastructure, improving critical functions such as site load times. The brands are also dipping into Walmart’s deep pockets to build out their physical footprints.

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