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The Inside makes affordable, high-quality furniture available online

Rather than having an infinite number of fabric options, The Inside curates a selection of patterns and solid colors, which the customer can pick from. This means that the fabric-making factory already has a selection of patterns in the system, and can print them quickly. This is different from many other traditional customization companies, where customers need to thumb https://benanoren1975.wordpress.com through large books full of possible fabrics and patterns, which can result in decision paralysis. Lemieux has hired interior designer Danielle Walish as senior design director. Her role is to help identify the right colors, and help design the pieces of furniture that are both on-trend and likely to appeal http://songstubuspan1980.wordpress.com to a wide range of customers. She is also in charge of creating the broader aesthetic for the brand, to inspire customers as they’re working on their own design projects. http://iqbalylianna.wordpress.com And customers can also book free consultations with The Inside, where an expert–often Walish herself–will help select the perfect piece for the home in question. “Interior https://abbenantekayce.wordpress.com designers love working with a blank slate, but we’ve found that the average customer feels overwhelmed with too many options,” Walish says. “People love the idea of customizing furniture, but they appreciate curation. It helps them feel less paralyzed by the decision-making.” Walish is also responsible for creating a pleasant online experience for the customer.

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